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Waiting to X-hale

Sep 6, 2019

Disney rolls out the reboots at its annual D23 convention and--surprise, surprise--there's little to tickle the fancies of Generation X, with all the devotion to Lizzie McGuire & HSM. Wynter & Karen remedy that by telling you which Disney reboots from the 70s & 80s they'd be interested in seeing, especially between The Cat from Outer Space vs. Flight of the Navigator. Karen fishes for a Netflix sponsorship by theming her birthday party, aka "Leztopia" after Wine Country. She also tells us what's brewing on the final season of Showtime's The Affair. Wynter follows up her previous VMA chatter with a postmortem on the broadcast, as well as a general assessment of the pop music landscape. Thanks to listeners Gerald & Keith, we have two new W2X bumpers for you to hear! Plus, what's a TikTok (in Nuo-Lingo), and your SOTW.

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Links To Just About Everything Mentioned:

Trailer for The Cat From Outer Space (1978)

Disney’s High School Musical Reboot Trailer: The Start of Something Old

“The Belle of St. Mark” by Sheila E