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Waiting to X-hale

Dec 4, 2020

Karen could barely wait through the holiday weekend to hear what Wynter, her self-described “cis-het” gal pal thought of The Happiest Season, the new holiday romcom with sapphist leads. Find out what a “Madewell femme” is in KT’s taxonomy of lesbian types, as well as the provenance for a “min-pin or pocket-sized butch.” Wynter has some choice words for the youngsters who need to put some RESPECT on Catherine O’Hara’s deep filmography, as well as for the folks at Merriam-Webster who announced their word of the year (covered in this week’s nuo-lingo). Plus, the two chew on what KT has coined “White Plight narratives” after a weekend wallowing in Hillbilly Elegy (yikes!) and The Undoing. is a unique online consignment store, Featuring LGBTQIA+ and allied independent artists: