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Waiting to X-hale

Dec 18, 2023

I've been dreaming of this very journey for a few years. I turned 40 during COVID and was hit with speed bump after speed bump. Situations I have never anticipated experiencing and in some cases it will be my first time sharing it with you.


 Once you've lived through a pandemic as I have, you see things differently, your appreciation for life hits differently and your tolerance for BS plummets… I want to navigate those twists and turns with you and stray off the beaten path just for the thrill of it. Through the chaos, expect a touch of wit and snark, the kind that's earned from years of figuring it out.



Just for W2X listeners I'm offering an opportunity for you to get the full breadth of my journey forward. Learn more at how you can get exclusive access to my companion show, Tangent Island: Staying Afloat and video episodes of the main show.



Tangent Island drops every Monday and launches officially in January 2024.


In the meantime follow the show feed on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, me on Instagram @wynter and the show @tangentisland