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Waiting to X-hale

Aug 23, 2019

Wynter and Karen are abuzz with news of the casting for Ryan Murphy's next season of American Crime Story on the Clinton impeachment, with Monica Lewinsky on board as a producer, and Beanie Feldstein playing Monica. Each reflect on that moment in history as a turning point when politics and tabloid journalism collided, and Fox News was but a fledgling cesspool of misinformation. They also consider Monica's journey from infamy to potential Emmy and Golden Globes triumph, while digging into how our threshold for political & presidential crimes and misdemeanors has grown exponentially. Wynter visits Mexico for her anniversary, and ends up revisiting Candace Bushnell in the process. Karen talks about what it feels like to visit a red state in the age of Trump, as well as season 3 of GLOW's Asian politics. And as usual, NUO-LINGO and our SOTW.

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