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Waiting to X-hale

Sep 12, 2022

Karen and Wynter are back together again, just in time to drop their Emmy predictions for all the Comedy and Drama acting categories. They tell you who they want to win, as well as who they think will actually win, so listen-up before you fill out your ballots for the awards broadcast on Monday, September 12!  Fresh from her vacay, KT talks about the “couple” shows she and Sarah watch together, like Industry on HBO. Wynter is stoked about the impending return of the Great British Bake Off and tells us about all the nuo-lingo that has officially been incorporated into Merriam-Webster. Plus, two sweet sweet songs of the week for coastal grandmas, grandpas and/or thembas. 


Canceling Cable - SNL

370 New Words and Definitions Added to Merriam-Webster