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Waiting to X-hale

Jul 4, 2022

This week Karen is joined by author, curator, and former kitchen-geek Jennifer Doyle, as well as Chef Courtney Storer to talk about the buzzy and bingeable FX series The Bear.  As the culinary producer on the show, Chef Coco gives us the inside scoop on how the actors recreated the tense, fast-paced atmosphere of professional kitchens, while revealing what happens to all the food they make on set. 

KT and Jennifer talk about women’s soccer and mutual aid, and share their profound love for L.A.’s NWSL team, the Angel City Football Club. (LAFC gets its props too).

Plus, they get into Apple TV’s Loot and Showtime’s I Love That For You. Nuo-lingo explains what it means when someone is “a 10, but…” and we offer up two songs of the week with a dose of hope.