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Waiting to X-hale

Jun 6, 2022

CW: discussions of violence, self-harm, domestic abuse, mass shooting–in other words, of our everyday lives in the U.S.A.

Wynter and Karen welcome special guest Raquel Gutierrez, author of the new book Brown Neon (out June 7). The three revive a conversation they started over drinks during the Gen X festival about vengeance movies centering women, and fantasies of fighting back in a bleak timeline moving increasingly from the genre of horror to realism. 

Karen talks about why she undertook a double-feature of the new Downton Abbey film with Alex Garland’s latest, Men starring Jessie Buckley. Wynter anoints The Kids in the Hall honorary Gen X-ers, while telling us why she comfort-binged their latest revival three times. 

Plus, nuo-lingo is back from retrolingo, and two VERY different songs of the week for your enjoyment.