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Waiting to X-hale

Feb 28, 2022

We’re thrilled to welcome back Ann Powers of NPR Music, and author of Good Booty: Love and Sex, Black and White, Body and Soul in American Music to talk to us about the future of music. We explore other critics’ predictions about the future, including Ted Gioia’s speculation that we may have more dead musicians performing for us in the form of holograms, deep fake vocals, and more. From A.I. K-Pop artists, to Kanye’s STEM player, and what Karen calls “micro-dosing mega mixes,” all three peer into the future together, while also listening to our past. 

Wynter tells us what’s up on Love is Blind season 2, while Karen gives us the final word on her wife Sarah’s viral tweet about “cat butter.” Plus, the two get into Netflix’s Inventing Anna, which they each binged in a single sitting. Nuo-lingo explores the “vibe shift” and a resurrected SOTW accompanies a brand new one to close out the show.

Kurt Cobain and Nirvana learning how much money they make per show: