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Waiting to X-hale

Jan 17, 2022

Wynter & Karen welcome you to Season 5 with a bushel full of SPOILER ALERTS for both Search Party and the topic of their main segment, everybody’s latest obsession Yellowjackets (not that other “Yellow” TV show). Which Yellowjacket do each of them identify with vs. who they ended up with on their Buzzfeed quiz? In their eagerness to catch up at the start of the new year, Karen & Wynter get into a deep convo about the state of TV narratives as they’ve worked their way in, around or through Covid in its endemic phase. KT thinks Station Eleven is the most gorgeous show on TV, and Wynter tells us a little bit about why Search Party’s surprising turn in season 5 makes perfect sense given the state of the world. Plus Nuo-lingo goes retrolingo, and two songs-of-the-week from the Yellowjackets soundtrack that are already making our year.