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Waiting to X-hale

Oct 11, 2021

SPOILER ALERT: Details from the several episodes of Squid Game are discussed in the main segment. 

Wynter and Karen join the rest of the world in obsessing over Squid Game, the S. Korean Netflix series about contestants playing children’s games to try to win billions of won without getting eliminated...literally. The two also talk about this week’s big reveal that W2X is curating the humanities program for the LA Phil’s GenX festival in spring 2022. In the spirit of the moment, Karen re-watches the film Waiting to Exhale for the first time since 1995, while Wynter tells us what L.A. Plays Itself has to do with the angle the two are taking for the festival. Nuo-lingo tells us about a new turn to granny aesthetics and old money cosplay, plus two classic songs of the week.

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