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Waiting to X-hale

Jun 21, 2021

Wynter asks us all to think about the films and TV shows that changed the game, from those that captured the style and essence of their era (Clueless), to those that transformed the cultural conversation (Boyz N The Hood, and the early-80s trifecta of Victor/Victoria, Tootsie, and Yentl). Karen celebrates Pride month by getting into the FX docuseries, Pride alongside the series finale of Pose, while Wynter dishes about the cast shake-ups on RHOC.

The two brace themselves as the state of California lifts all Coronavirus restrictions, and coin their own nuo-lingo, #unvaxxinista in the process, even as they explain another one. Plus there is a super soft rock vibe to this week that foreshadows what’s in store in the future.

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