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Waiting to X-hale

Apr 12, 2021

Wynter and Karen welcome longtime listener Nick Murphy, a fierce advocate and fan of the great Tina Turner, to chat about the new HBO doc revisiting her legacy. The three focus on what it means to truly pursue your dreams in your 40s. Wynter is deep in a doc dive, and gives us the skinny on Hulu’s We Work exposé as well as Q: Into the Storm. Karen eats her words about bad British Netflix shows, as she raves about the BBC series, The Serpent, a true crime drama about a French serial killer who preyed on hippies and backpackers in 1970s Thailand.  Becky-watch 2021 continues as the two continue their Real World: Homecoming processing sessions leading up to the finale. Plus, nuo-lingo and two new SOTWs.

The Blessed Madonna’s set in Wynter's night club:

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