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Waiting to X-hale

Jun 12, 2020

Wynter returns this week, as we welcome special guests Renee Bever (artist, co-host of Attack of the Queerwolf), and Tavia Nyong’o (author, Professor of American Studies at Yale). The panel catches up about how they’ve been participating in the national uprisings, while reflecting on some of the media moments, both head-scratching, and inspiring over the last week, from the Dems draped in kente cloth, to “You About to Lose This Job,” the unofficial anthem of the movement.  Wynter also digs deep into the “Bon Appetit Revolt,” a developing story at the time we recorded. The panel devotes some deep conversation to  “good civil rights movies” vs. really shitty ones, as well as films about race relations that are frozen in their historical moment. Nuo-lingo goes meta to explore when certain slang terms are appropriate or appropriation, and there are several songs of the week to get you to the next protest. 

Instead of another plea to contribute to us this week, we ask that you contribute to the social justice organizations of your choice, especially those promoting peace, and racial, gender and sexual equality. We, and our guests this week  recommend the following: