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Waiting to X-hale

Apr 3, 2020

W2X Movie Night - Tuesday, April 7 at 6pm PST  Pacific - check our social media accounts for details!

Wynter and Karen each enter week 3 of their respective quarantines, so their habits (pop cultural and otherwise) have taken some unpredictable turns. Find out what they’ve been watching, listening to and doing that indicates they’ve gone over the edge.

Speaking of which, the culture at large has reached the “watching Tiger King” phase of our isolation. Find out why neither Wynter or Karen are surprised that Joe Exotic exists. You should stop deadnaming his former zookeeper Saff, and quit giving Doc airtime.

Plus, what’s a Branch Covidian? We also offer a new song feat. Fiona Apple to soothe us in these wild times.

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Supermarket scene from ‘Bird Box’

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King Princess with Fiona Apple, “I Know”