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Waiting to X-hale

Mar 9, 2020

Karen and Wynter fixed their audio problems just in time to record in the wake of Super Tuesday 2020. They get into the nitty-gritty generational breakdown between candidates and their supporters while assessing the media (hell)scape of electoral politics in general. Wynter tells us what Kim Kardashian has to do with all of it at the end of the segment (!!!)  In light of all this political drama, the two also tell us what TV helps them go “nighty night” after a long and stressful day of facing the world. You might be surprised--or not--at Wynter’s frightening selections, while Karen gets into how The Circle is a perfect sleepytime TV show. Also, why do both of them keep falling asleep to the reboot of High Fidelity? Warning: there are some Love is Blind spoilers. Plus, nuo-lingo and a song fit for Tuesdays. 

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