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Waiting to X-hale

Aug 2, 2019

Pop open a Bartles & Jaymes, and pull your rocking chair up to your laptop, Wynter and Karen get into how Generation X uses YouTube, from nostalgic forays into old commercials and landmark pop culture moments, to how-to videos and instructional content. But they don't stop there: Wynter also scours YouTube for fresh content to break us all out of our slacker rut. Speaking of slackers, Karen revisits Always Be My Maybe through the lens of the Asian slacker, while also anticipating crying a lot to Awkwafina's dramatic turn in The Farewell. Meanwhile, Wynter prepares to celebrate her first wedding anniversary like an enlightened Don Draper at Esalen, and has high praise for CNN's docuseries, The Movies.  The two stage an ad war between Mentos vs. Diet Pepsi, and ask you to sus out some "nuo lingo." As always, we close things out with a SOTW. 

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